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Supply & Demand Assignment

One member of your team must have a public twitter account and the twitter app loaded on their phone.

Film different examples of something that shifts supply or demand in Bethany.

There must be at least one example of a supply shift and one example of a demand shift.

Something in the background of your video must coincide with your supply and demand example.

You cannot repeat the same cause of a shift twice - aka only one story on the change in population.

You cannot do the same story already cover by a different group, including groups from past years - watch #BethanySanD for what other groups are doing.

Each person in the group must be in front of the camera at least once; otherwise the missing person gets no credit.


I will grade the first 3 videos you post.  Each correct example earns the group 3 points (up to 9).

Include title of video in your tweet (See Examples).

Posts must include the hashtage #BethanySanD and mention me (@AaronHonsowetz) at end of the tweet to count.

You can make up points for a wrong answer by correctly correcting a different group (all 3 points)


You can make more than 3 videos.  (Additional videos only make up two points of a wrong answer). 

 The group with the most unique correct stories will earn 2 homework extra credit points.
(You can repeat different type of causes of a shift after your 5th video).